[Forum Revamp 1] Categories Re-organizing - A kind notice of the timeline!

Hi Community Members!

In order to facilitate and enhance your experience with the Katalon Community, we’re going to put on the new layout for the Categories section at the Katalon Forum.

First, please kindly refer to these notices:

  • The updating process will start from the beginning of April 2022, and we will try our best to minimize your hassles and inconveniences

  • Our Forum categories re-categorization will not affect your current usage and interaction at Katalon Forum

  • No further actions from you are required, so please stay tuned and enjoy your visit with our Community!

This is the timeline for our updating progress:

Frequently asked questions:

1. Do I need to take any action?

No. All updates are being carried out by the Katalon Community Team. This change aims at improving user experience and you can get support faster.

2. Who should I contact if I have feedback towards the updates?

Katalon Community Team is responsible for this update. All suggestions and recommendations should kindly be directed to our email at: Community@katalon.com

3. Can I ask for community support during this update?

Yes. You still can come to our Forum to submit your concerns, get support and interact with the community during the update

4. Will the old topics/posts be removed?

No. We will keep the original version of all previous posts/topics for your future reference.

Hope for your understanding and better experience at our Forum!

From the Katalon Community Team.