[FORUM] ability to watch/follow discussion

as user, i run into interesting question/discussion on forum and i would like to be notified in same way as i’ll be part of discussion (so i don’t need to replay to discussion to be informed if somebody else answers) this will also allows experts to look in questions with 0 answers.
as someone who wants help i’m usually looking only in questions without answer, so if somebody will just add “mee too” text to be part of notification i can overlook such questions and they slip under my radar.



I commented just to be notified when someone adds to the discussion. :smiley:

Just a guess…


i saw that,
1. check that,
2. leave page
3. back to page, => it’s unchecked and also source code does not seems to be connected somewhere


Hmm. Shame. I remember it appearing when the old “Subscribe to this thread” disappeared.

Perhaps @Vinh Nguyen will re-instate it.