[For Newbies] The Onboarding Game

Hi Newcomers, :wave:

Welcome to the Community Onboarding Game! This is an activity designed to help you get to know how our forum works, and get to know others on our forum as well.

The game consists of two parts, a main quest and a side quest, with the former requiring you to do a little digging through our forum to gather information (very easy, we promise! :crossed_fingers:) which should not take you more than 15 minutes to complete.

And did we mention that you would get rewarded as well? :gift:

Interested? Then keep on reading! :wink:

:trophy: Quest details :trophy:

Main quest - Into the Forum / Baby step

Here are what you need to do:

  1. Read through the following resources:
  1. Take our quiz in the link below to test what you have learned.
  1. After completing the quiz, take a screenshot of the end screen, and post it here.

  2. Introduce yourself within this thread.

Side quest

Simply collect all of our Common badges (you will know if you have acquired said badge by a :white_check_mark: mark), then reply to this thread with a screenshot of them badges to collect extra rewards!

:gift: Rewards :gift:

Main quest

Those who complete the quiz with no wrong answer as well as step 4 of the main quest will receive:

  • A $20 Amazon US eGift Card each. :money_with_wings:

Side quest

You will get a $10 Amazon US eGift Card if you collect all of our Common badges!

:information_source: FAQs :information_source:

1. Who are eligible to join this game?
Only new members who join our forum within the last 30 days AND complete the quiz within said period are eligible to receive the reward.

For example, if you join our forum on Jul 24, 2023, then you have a 30-day timeframe until Aug 23, 2023 to complete the quiz (along with other steps in the main quest) to be able to receive our reward.

2. How can we know if you are a new member?
Supposedly you completed our quiz, then we will take the date which you completed our quiz, and crosscheck it with the date you join our forum. If the two dates are within the 30-day timeframe โ†’ you are eligible to receive our reward (provided that you also completed other steps as part of the main quest).

3. Does the 30-day timeframe also apply to the Side quest?
No. Whenever you have collected all the required badged, simply post a screenshot here to collect your rewards.

4. Do I have to complete the Main quest in order to complete the Side quest?
No, the two are independent from each other.

Have fun, :sunglasses:

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here you go

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Hi Dinesh, :wave:

Thank you very much for completing the quiz. I have just checked your answers and unfortunately, you got two questions wrong, please find the correct answers below :point_down:

  1. You should always mark othersโ€™ replies as a [โ€ฆ] :white_check_mark: to show your appreciation and help others who may also have the same issue โ†’ The correct answer is Solution, not resolution.
  2. What are members with Trust Level 3 in our forum called? โ†’ The correct answer is Regular, not leader

While you may have failed your Main quest, there is still the side quest for you :wink:

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:crossed_fingers: :four_leaf_clover:


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