For loop not working with responseObject

I am trying to loop through a list and add the endpoint to my URL. The following is my code. I want to loop through all the items and get the results. But this code only gets me the first item in my list which is /accounts. How can I manage to loop through all the items in the list.

public class GetRequests{
public ResponseObject GetAllStuff() {
def list = [“/accounts”, “/comments”]
for (items in list){
RequestCall requestCall = new RequestCall()
GetRequestCall getRequestCall = new GetRequestCall()
RequestObject requestObject = new RestRequestObjectBuilder()
.withRestUrl(requestCall.baseUrl + items)
ResponseObject responseObject = WS.sendRequest(requestObject)
return responseObject

GetRequests request = new GetRequests()

//Get all stuff/
ResponseObject responsef = request.GetAllStuff()