Firefox: PUA character (E000) appears in input field after using setText/sendKeys

Hey there! I’m trying to execute registration testcase, one of the steps of it is entering a phone number. But in Firefox browser after entering phone in the input field via setText/sendKeys appears the Private Use Area character (E000) and as an aftermath - not valid phone number format. How can I prevent this PUA (E000) in Firefox? Thanks in advance!


I get this all the time with SendKeys. It can appear at the front or back of the text when using TAB, ENTER and DELETE. It’s being considered an invalid entry and prevents the actual text from being interpreted correctly.

Hey guys

I can confirm this as an intermittent issue with the Katalon SendKeys API. I switched to using the selenium.interactions class, Actions which also has a sendKeys method:…-

You can use it something like this:

    WebDriver driver = DriverFactory.getWebDriver()
    WebElement elem = driver.findElement(By.cssSelector("#input-id"))
    Actions act = new Actions(driver)

    act.sendKeys(elem, "stuff")
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Thanks for the BA! B)