Finding object exceeds default wait time

At settings I have set default wait time for element timeout 10 seconds. But when using “‘Object Repository/Group1/span_Element’))” it sometimes exceeds the default wait time and goes into some kind of loop searching for element and it does not skip to the next step. It searches for an element for a few minutes. This usually happens when using docker image (but not always). Why is it happening? Am I doing something wrong?

01-29-2019 08:44:05 AM - [INFO] - Checking timeout
01-29-2019 08:44:05 AM - [INFO] - Finding web element with id: ‘Object Repository/Group1/span_Element’ located by ‘By.xpath: //span[(text() = ‘Element’ or . = ‘Element’)]’ in ‘10’ second(s)


01-29-2019 08:46:53 AM - [INFO] - Found web element with id: ‘‘Object Repository/Group1/span_Element’’ using heuristic method. Matching attributes: [tag].
01-29-2019 08:46:53 AM - [INFO] - Web element found by heuristic method is not used because we can’t guarantee it reflects the intended element.