Find Xpath to retrieve Dynamic Response and Write to Excel

I am half a way in my script. In am giving Dynamic Input to Web through Excel and I need to retrieve Dynamic response for the given Input and Write to Excel. Please help me with the Xpath.

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In the original post, you presented just a small fragment of HTML. That fragment is too small and is not enough to find out an appropriate XPath which selects the “dynamic response” part in question.

I suppose you used the Web Recorder of Katalon Studio when you generated your Test Object ‘Object Repository/Page_Chart page/input_Please submit the detail’, right? The tools should also be able to generate XPath for the “dynamic response” part. Why not you use the Web Recorder or the Spy tool? Use Spy tool and just click the “dynamic response” (a

element), then a Test Object with some XPath to select that node will be generated.

If you have any reason why you need to find out the XPath without tools (Web Recorder, Spy), please describe it.