Final screen button cannot be executed

Good afternoon, I have a problem that refers to a button that I want to click, but the object is not visible on the screen, so I have to lower or reduce the screen to see it.
Therefore I cannot click

Could you help me so that the system captures the button and can click it, thank you very much in advancecotizacion.txt (5.3 KB)

So can you scroll down to see this button? or is it that you have to reduce the resolution in order to see it? If the latter is true then it sounds like an issue with your application over anything else.

NOTE - Screenshots of the button would help

Hello @hpulsford
What I do is start the application at a certain resolution.
there he went
But if it is reported that the api is responsively wrong

We will also try with this katalon help WebUI.scrollToPosition

Your error message indicates that something might be overlaying your button at the time that you are trying to use it. Try to insert a WebUI.waitForElementVisible() or even WebUI.delay(2) before trying to use the button.

Also, when you use scrollToPosition, you can use one of the elements near the button similar to the below:

button = driver.findElement(By.xpath('id("mypage")/myButton'));
WebUI.scrollToPosition(20, button.getLocation().getY())
WebUI.waitForElementClickable(findTestObject('yourButton', 10)'yourButton')
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