Fill CKEditor

How can I fill, write in CKEditor with Katalon?

Tamas, did you find a solution for this?

Anything workaround for this?
unable to write anything in ckeditor.

please provide solution for it.

Thanks in advance.

Any news for this issue ?
We’re looking for a UI test solution and Katalon seems a pretty good one, except for that.
It’s enoying because managing documents is the purpose of our app :confused:

If there is any workaround, let me know.
Thanks in advance.

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I found a way to handle this.
you must add a Item of type “Execute Javascript” and click on Input.
A dialog box will open, for the param name “Script” put something like _**CKEDITOR.instances.YourElementId.setData(“Your text to push in ckeditor”);

**_Good luck.

I don’t understand. Where exactly do I add this item? In my Katalon script?

Somone know how use it?

Hi Tamas!

The easiest way to fill CKEditor element with Katalon is using javascript.

Example :

I hope this helps