File Download from SFTP using PGP encryption

Hey Everyone,
We have a scenario which needs to be implemented in Katalon.
Let’s consider a data file, in this case an excel file which contains data to be input into the test cases in Katalon.
The Excel file needs to be placed in an SFTP server and the excel file can be opened using only the public key generated from Putty.
Katalon needs to download the file from the SFTP server to the local drive, unlock it using the public key and then the ‘Data File’ in Katalon will read the data from the excel sheet.
This particular data file will then be referenced in the respective test cases/suites.

Can this be done in Katalon? I would like to know how this can be implemented using Katalon. Please do share your ideas/concepts.

could you use groovy or java download the file from SFTP server then unlock it?