Few questions on Katalium

Hi everyone, was thinking it might be good to have a separate sub-forum for Katalium.

I have a few questions and cannot see/find answers for them:

  1. How do I reset the email/API that I enter at the beginning of running the standalone version?
  2. Do I need the standalone and then the hub or node or just 1 thing running?
  3. I seem to get a few errors and cannot see any further information on what that could be, I get an exception when running it, in this case standalone.bat

Thanks for any help!

@Manish6 - please post your suggestion about a new forum category to the Site Feedback category.

Have done:

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Hi there,

did you figure out how to reset the activation of katalium? (question number 1)

I never did unfortunately. Although have now moved onto other Testing Software now.

I see…thanks