[Feature] GUI Builder

This might be a bit of a reach but something I’d love to see implemented.

I know IDEs such as NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJ have something of this sort in order to build up swing/awt windows but something like this in Katalon would be awesome as well. I currently have a handful of classes build up in my main test framework that build some of these on-the-fly using JFrames/mostly awt. It would be great to not have to write them from the ground up. I would also like to utilize swing more in order to get a more robust application with more features to help with testing.

My main purpose for using these while testing is that I have a list of triggers for my testing framework that the rest of my QA department uses through manual mode when conducting data driven tests or automated regression tests. I have built up a little interface in order to ask them questions in order to determine the logic and path the test will take.

Like I mentioned, I might be an outlier in this special case but I’m 100% willing to help out in any way I can to get this into KS. As always, I appreciate the hard work the Katalon team is doing to deliver such a great application!


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