Fear Factor-How long Katalon will be Free? /Can Katalon Studio handle Angular web application?

Hi Trong Bui,
Good to know. Keep up the good work.

@Trong_Bui Hi Trong any update on Angular specific keywords … I am using Angular 7.x but the script tend to fail due to sync issues even after using Wait for Angular Load

I have an urgent requirement to test Angular application ( build on 7.x). I came across the below blog …

Can you help me to create Katalon Specific Custom Keyword to handle it and share the groovy file… ???

Could you at least share the Custom Keyword that could be readily used this in Katalon and the imports required -->> Using @Keyword.

Thanks …:tired_face:

Hi @devalex88, @ThanhTo, @duyluong @Russ_Thomas @kazurayam @Marek_Melocik @Mate_Mrse @Brandon_Hein @Andrej_Podhajsky @Harold_Owen

Hope Katalon Studio will continue to be free …



IMO profiles are not such an necessary feature - you can easily DIY.

I am wondering if that test cases limit is per project and you can have 100 projects or you can only have 100 tests per license.

I understand that development of KS costs a lot of money, but I don’t think it is a good idea to limit test cases. Many potential customers would say “Hey, as soon as we have 100+ tests, we’d have to pay enterprise license forever. That’s not we’re looking for.”.

For me, it’d be better to follow Intellij’s plan, that you have free IDE with basic functions (but everything could be added by yourself) and Ultimate version contains all those advanced stuff you would have to implement.


I am almost using 12 profile for my project …Profile


OMG … Really Frustrating :tired_face:

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The limit is 100 test cases per project. And there will be a period for every existing user to claim a license without quota limitations.

@devalex88 i just downloaded today 7.0 beta and noticed in the activation window a ‘machine id’ is generated.
so the following question apear: the licence will be single machine? or it can be used on multiple ones, eventualy transferred?
i used to have katalon installed on the bussines pc, but sometime i had to work also from my home machine. i was using a single account for this. will be this possible in the enterprise version? or at least in the free version?

*note: i still consider katalon is a nice tool. even with the quota limitation which will apply for the free version,it can be still usable in production with clever planning (e.g split projects, use profiles generated ‘on-the-fly’ at runtime and so on)
just wanted to know how it will work, to avoid headache

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@discover.selenium why do you need so many profiles? i never meet any reason to use more than three, dev,stagging and production. perhaps you can reconsider your approach for data driven … just saying

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I agree, it would be nice to have more clarity on how that will work.

@devalex88 would we still be able to install multiple instances of the studio on different machines in our organization? How about our clients that share test automation efforts with us? Would they need to pay for a separate license?

Having a per-machine license would severely restrict our current operations…

Edit: @Ibus The Terms of Service page provides some insight on this as well. Look under the “Activation” sections.


@Brandon_Hein i will take a look also on the license terms, good point!
@katalon_team expect major damages there … i worked more than 20 years with standards :))

From my understanding it’s still unlimited with free version? Once, Enterprise version becomes available free version will be limited to 100 test cases per project? Is that correct?


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If you enter a valid business email as part of your registration, then you may use the Software in either command line interface (CLI) mode or graphical user interface (GUI) mode; if not, then your use will be limited to the GUI mode only. Regardless, your use of the Software is limited to the number of Test Cases per Project specified at Katalon Studio download page.

I don’t see anything under Katalon Studio download page about how many test cases can be used or not…

Nor do I. I wasn’t asking about test case count. I’m more concerned with how a per-machine license would work.


I was just wondering about that as well. But, from my understanding they will put a limit once Enterprise version is released fully.

This tool was selected among other things because it was free. It becomes paying and limited. We will have to decouple it from our tools and choose other market players!


I actually don’t mind paying for Katalon Studio Enterprise, but what I do mind is that the existing Katalon Studio free version is crippled.

Why not keep the existing feature set in the free version and keep the Katalon Plugin store open?
I’m sure without that model it could never reach this stage.

I work with a team of users that may need to execute a test from time-to-time.
They are not able to write the tests but require the test project to execute them.

The sharing of tests in the Enterprise edition may be a workaround, but its another layer of process to get around the projected crippling features.

In my eyes, the closest competitor is TestCafe Studio
If the Katalon Studio Enterprise license can be priced competitively, maybe its enough to keep users from moving.

I am now at the stage of “hedging my bets” and looking actively for an exit strategy to this situation.


When will pricing information be available? This is absolutely necessary for further planning.


Guys, especially @discover.selenium, I’m sorry, but this thread is starting to wander off course – I’m going to close it for the time being.

Please understand:

  1. Version 7 of KS and KSE are still in beta. They are not official releases, yet. Things may change.

  2. Your questions and concerns have been raised at the highest level. “The Board” are listening. The T&C/licensing documentation are also in beta and are also being addressed.

It’s unfortunate in these days of rapid release cycles and transparency, we sometimes “see” more than we should see, perhaps. Let’s give the guys back stage time to absorb this feedback.

If you have new questions, please start a new topic. But don’t ignore this topic – repeating the questions already raised here is not cool and just gives us MODS more work to do.

Thanks everyone.


@discover.selenium and others, you will now notice that your link above (https://www.katalon.com/enterprise/) no longer refers to a comparison of KS7 and KSE7. It now only refers to KSE. The inferrence is, KS7 is being worked on. Like I said, Katalon Team are listening and the documents we have been referring to are in a state of flux since they are beta versions, also.

In my view, we should all sit tight and be patient. Hopefully, our concerns are being addressed.