False positives


I would like to know how to make my tests in a way that i will have lesser false positive.
I use xpath in my tests and run my tests in docker but i am getting a lot of false positive recently. Anyone has any idea how i can minimize this?

The error i get is that the element is not interactable when it is interactable and it does not happen all the time. Sometimes the same test case will pass and sometime fail.
Some other time another test case will fail.


Please explain how you - a human - know the element in the test is interactable?

When this happens, it’s easy to focus in on the element(s) giving you a problem and the test case step you think might be causing it to happen. When you see a lot of these, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

The best strategy - some might call it a philosophy - is to not move forward with actionable test steps (like click, or setText) until the page is loaded and every actionable element is ready.

What does ready mean?

For the page itself:

  1. Loaded.
  2. Finished retrieving all data (not the same thing as #1)
  3. All actionable elements are ready, too.

For actionable elements:

  1. Present in the DOM.
  2. Visible on the screen and not obstructed by other elements.
  3. Clickable (if relevant).
  4. Populated (if relevant)

Once all the above has been accomplished, only then can you proceed with your actual verification steps.

// Wait for page to load

// Wait for ajax/fetch data to finish

// Wait for elements to be Present/Visible/Clickable/Populated

// Regular Test Steps:

    // Click

    // setText

    // getText

    // Verify