Failed to write credentials

Hello All,

I have an issue : Failed to write credentials for
https://git…’ to secure store
Salt must be 8 bytes long
2021-03-18 16_08_25-Problem Occurred|567x386

Everyone could explain me please ?

Hi! Do you have Eclipse installed? If yes, then close your Katalon and open Eclipse.

  1. Go to: Preferences > General > Security > Secure Storage > Contents
  2. Delete the default Security Storage
  3. Eclipse will restart, now you can try to open your Katalon
  4. Try to access GIT and save your credentials

Hope this works for you

Also mate, maybe you can try to hide your GIT URL? Better be safe than sorry.

Thanks you for your helps. But I don’t have Ecliipse installed.

I haven’t been able to resolve my issue