Failed test case in Firefox headless

Hi guys,

I’m executing my script in Firefox headless mode, however when it runs until navigate URL and then it just stopped with error. I have no idea why it will failed and i run my test case successful in chrome headless mode.

Below are my log text, please give some advise, thanks.


Hi Alan

The log seems to end abruptly at this line:

08-31-2018 05:57:41 PM - [INFO] - Finding web element with id: ‘Object Repository/login/input_username’ located by ‘By.xpath: //input[@type = ‘text’ and @placeholder = ‘???’ and @id = ‘username’]’ in ‘30’ second(s)

Can you clear the log and try again? Does it end the same way?

Also, I see Firefox is complaining about WebGL not being supported in headless mode. I imagine that’s benign, but I don’t know for sure. Perhaps @Mate Mrse will drop in and take a look (he uses headless mode a lot and may have seen similar issues in the past).

Well I haven’t seen this before.
@Alan Chan Are you sure your input element isn’t ‘under constuction’?

Hi @Mate Mrse, I run this in normal firefox browser, my set of code works perfectly, is just that I’m so surprised it stopped in that line of code every time i run in Firefox (headless), even i run in Google Chrome(headless), it does not prompts me any error.

Hi Russ Thomas, I do clear my log and re-run again, problem is just happens again. I also notice the error " WebGL not being supported in headless mode", but i’m not sure is it this causing the code to stop.

What does the same area of the log contain when you run non-headless?

Fixed due to firefox (headless) unable to load the webgl, asked developer to removed it from code ady.