Fail to start the Appium server in 60 seconds?

Hi Team,

Could someone please help me to resolve the error.I am completely blocked with the error.

I have done the following setup for mobile app testing.

  1. Appium installed on my system.
    2.Enabled developer options in the real device and connected to the system.
    3.Window --Katalon preferences–Katalon --Mobile : Appium path selected and Appium log level set to Debug.(PFA Screenshot)
    4.Appium server also started from appium application.(Here do we need to provide device and app details?)

5.Now I am able to see device in the list.Provided application file name also. But when I click on start getting an error “Unable to start application in the device.Fail to start the Appium server in 60 seconds.”(PFA screenshot)

6.Not able to view the logs in the appium log file in the project folder.(PFA screenshot)

environment details:

System : Windows()
Appium version : 1.4.0
Katalon Studio: 5.10.0
Device Name & Version : Lenovo, Android 6.0

Note : I am able to view the device screen in Monitor application which will be present in the SDK tools.

Hi @siresha.chatragadda,

Can you double check your version of Appium? For best compatibility, you should be using Appium Server 1.8.1 with Android. Note that Appium Server and Appium Desktop don’t keep the same versions, so if you installed Appium Desktop, please use version 1.6.3:

Hope this helps,