Extremely Nice To Have: Recorder / Debugging Rewind Time Travel

This would probably be a very major undertaking, but it seems you guys build a lot of things all the time. This would probably cement Katalon as the greatest Automation tool of all time.

You can expand it to Mobile, Desktop also.

We need a way to debug a test, and be able to rewind step over where we last were, and continue again. Use case for this is say you are a debugging a failing test, instead of running the test over and over, especially as you might near the end, to make sure it passes or not, you can go near the end and rewrite the test steps until it passes. Without wasting massive time re-running the test over and over and waiting a few minutes.

You want to be able to say make code changes on the fly, change the selector in real time, until that part of the code step passes.

For the browser this can just support chrome for example that would be good enough to speed up your development, maintenance time.

The idea came from a JS framework Cypress:

Please seriously consider this feature it would be probably one of the Greatest, hot reloading code is great for development, now we need it for automation.

Thank You guys awesome work so far, greatest automation tool used!


That ability is coming to Firefox soon. Iā€™m not sure how easy it would be to control/manipulate from Katalon Studio, but with Desktop testing now available, it should be possible.