External Libraries

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The link at the end of the page (How to create a Custom Keyword ) is broken

Hi Katalon Team,

I am already adding a new library on Drivers Katalon, but when I import the library, I found the error.
Does anyone help? Thank you


Hi katalon team,

I am trying to import external java library created by our devs with several classes and followed the tutorials however I can see all the classes but only static methods from them…

here is longer description:
followed the steps in project>settings>external libs and added our smthing.jar
(I can see the jar file copied to Drivers folder within the project)
2. added the “import smthing” to the test file
3. when trying to run the test without using the library I get error on the import line “unable to resolve class smthing” however when I try to use it in the test like this smthing.className I can see all the classes but further smthing.className.method I can see only static methods.

Does anybody knows what am I doing wrong?

This page should discuss the build.gradle option.