Extend driver all test case

Hi Team,
I want to handle multiple browser by inheriting way. like extend class.
I have below scenario,
Open the browser in chrome Admin, Manager and User three user profile in same time.
Approval process will happen step by step in different test case, like
Test case 1 : submit by user
Test case 2 : Approve by Manager
Test case 3 : close by admin.

I tried changeDrive. But i am hanged to get the browser user wise. pls help me

Note : I wanna to reuse those 3 browsers for all upcoming test cases.

What our company has done has added a DEBUG page where I can link to in order to change the “role” I am in, such as user, Manager or other. Perhaps you should talk to your web developers, or Manager, to add another Page. Likely, the “role” information is within Active Directory and they can better get the information to support you. It depends on how much your company regards testing.

My issue was want to access dynamic driver to globallyin same profile. Is it any way to declare/access webdriver globally. Like extend class in selenium