Exporting report as JUnit not possible with Basic Report plugin and Katalon version 6.2.0


I have just upgraded my Katalon studio to the latest 6.2.0. I have also installed the basic report plugin which is supposed to work for versions 6.5.1 and afterward. I can’t really see the option to export the report as JUnit. Other 3 options( HTML, CSV, PDF) are available. Am I missing something? Attaching the screenshots.Log viewer shows that the Junit report is generated.33


@jasmi_shaheer JUnit report generated in report folder(expand it), Right click -> Open containing folder -> Open report and find the file.


I see that “open containing folder” is greyed out.



@jasmi_shaheer Expand then reports folder and then select the report by right clicking on it. Open containing folder will function.


I am seeing the same issue here.
As @Alice said, the Junit_Report.xml file should be placed in the mentioned folder location.
But with the same testsuite, and with updated Katalon 6.2 version, it doesn’t generate JUnit_Report.xml any more.
Is it a legitimate bug in Katalon 6.2?


Since Katalon 6.2 version I can’t generate .html report too.


Yes, HTML reports not available in the katalon report folders? is this a bug or any new feature :frowning: ?