Export to Katalon studio does not work

I was a bit tired of the issues with KR, so I wanted to export it to Katalon studio.
Off course, when trying to run it in Katalon Studio:

  1. It didn’t work, I had error messages when running
  2. It uses some kind of weird format for every command “Method call statement”
    Even a simple click becomes this weird kind of element that isn’t really Katalon Studio like.

I don’t call this export… I spent an ENTIRE day rewriting all of my code in Katalon Studio, that off course users different names and value and working etc.
If this product is really from the same company, I would be very suprised, it couldn’t be more different…

Hi there, we apologize for the issue and thank you for opening a bug report.

Katalon Studio is a much more extensive automated testing solution with things like Object Repository that KR doesn’t have, and with different Test Suite and Test Case formats as well. Of course, these reasons are not excuses, and we’re currently working on fixing the Export functionality.

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