Export Test Cases' "Add" button not working

Hi Team,

Issue Description: I have created multiple test cases under ‘Test Cases’. When I am trying to export ‘Test Cases’ by navigating through Tools > Export Test Artifact and clicking ‘+Add’ button below ‘Test cases’ label, a new window does not pop-up that would ask me to ‘Select test cases’.

But the rest of the 3 ‘+Add’ buttons for ‘Test objects’, ‘Profiles’ and ‘Keywords’ open up the respective pop-up window and allow me to select items. So, it seems to be more of a bug. Screenshot attached. Please advise. Thank you in advance.

I have currently applied Katalon Studio in my project.
I can continue my job, but my performance is lower than expected.

Operating System:
Windows 10
Katalon Studio Version
Katalon Studio logs

Hi @spradhan,
We are sorry for this issue. We will fix this in the next release.

Thank you very much, @huynguyen.

Is there any ETA for next release @huynguyen?
Thank you.

Hello everyone,

This bug is fixed in version 7.8.1 which is available for upgrade!

Happy Testing


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