Export JUnit xml report from Jenkins

i’m using Katalon 6.2.0 with jenkins and reports (csv, pdf, xml) are not generated when I run the job from jenkins.
But, when I run the same test from Katalon, reports are well generated.

What’s wrong ?


Same thing here. Seems like a bug from 6.2

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No, you have to look at the release note of Katalon Studio 6.1.5.

This function is outsourced to an plugin which you can get throw the Katalon Store.

The plugin is called Basic-Report - https://store.katalon.com/product/59/Basic-Report

But if you need it’s function for jenkins you have to add you katalon store api-key to the katalon generated command line.

I got the solution from this post - Using Basic Report Plugin as of Katalon 6.1.5

[Update] Here the official documentation how to use katalon studio plugins in console mode - https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-store/docs/user/plugin-console-installation.html

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thanks a lot !!

it works like a charm now. I add the api Key and reports are generated.

Best regards !

you’re welcome.

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