Experiences using Katalon to Automate an E2E flow

Hi all,

We from KLM want to use Katalon to automate a flow from the frontend to the backend.
Are there a Katalon users who has experiences to set up a automated integration flow with Katalon?
Also with payment processing?

We are looking forward to come into contact with guys to share experiences regarding our question!
Thanks in advance for your response!

Rene Bliekendaal

Hi rene.bliekendaal

I think this is not related to the test tool but on the E2E test cases that you have created.
We usually need to pick some of the functional test cases and adding to the E2E flow, or created the new E2E test cases from the front-end to the back-end side, including payment as well as needed.

After completing the test cases, flow & steps needed for each specific E2E, you can use any automation testing tools or framework to make it (depends on your organization).

There is no silver bullet, but Katalon is good enough to make it done if you have the test cases and required data for the test.

@rene.bliekendaal Katalon will not set up the test environment for you. Katalon is an automation tool that will help you automate your test cases for the that test environment. As your are working for an organization and would require professional advice I would suggest you to reach out to katalon Team itself.