Executing tests via Wercker CI or executing tests on a remote VM

Hi there,

I would like to use Wercker CI to execute my tests. The problem I have now is that the command generated by Katalon studio requires katalon studio to be installed on the machine where the command is being executed. Wercker CI uses Docker platform,Is there a .jar for katalon that can be run in docker? or can katalon studio run in docker ?

If the above is not possible, then is it possible to install katalon on a windows VM and then execute tests remotely from Wercker to the VM. Can I pass the Katalon command to the VM from Wercker?

Please help me, this is quite urgent as I need to execute a test every time we deploy.

My apologies for all the questions in one but they are related in my scenario.

Thank you !

Hi there,

You can use Katalon docker in this case: https://hub.docker.com/r/katalonstudio/katalon/. It is the best way for CI/CD integration.