Executing Test Suite collection for the katalon project using JENKINS across multiple nodes

I am trying to build a JENKINS CI/CD pipeline using GIT and based on configuration for running the project using the SHELL command, is it possible to run the project across multiple nodes in a master/slave set up? The catch is each of the Test-suite are mapped to different browser as well as profiles having its own unique configurations.

As describe in the document

you can specify

  • browserType
  • executionProfile
  • -g_XXX to override ExecutionProfile Variables

What else do you want?

In my scenario, the test-suites have 20 test-cases on an average and there are total of 300 testcases I want to automate. Now, grouping them with their individual browser dependency, profiles and settings which includes database validations, I want to run them on different nodes instead of one. So, I have different features to validate for my application, so, I have different Test-suites where I have grouped the test-cases.

How can I be able to run all my test suites on different jenkin nodes/ VM’s, given I generate a single project file using the Katalon CMD for my test_suite collection comprising of different test suites?

In my scenario, let say I have 300 test cases to run and I have grouped them in test-suites each related to a specific feature I want to test and validate. Now lets assume that I have 10 test suite collection each having its own browser dependency, profile with some custom properties and also binded to a specific database group. As per the documentation, using CMD I can output a specific test case collection which can be used to automate a build using shell script in JENKINS to run on a single node (slave).

Is there any recommendations or work-flow to split and automate, all the test-cases and/or test suite collections, so, as to be able to run on multiple VM’s or slave-nodes using jenkins and reduce the execution time.

The following post might help: