Executing same test case in different environments


I have multiple different environments where I would like my tests to be run.

For example I have test cases

Test Suite 1
Test Case 1: Login with URL,CompanyID,Username and Password
Test case 2: Book an Appointment for a date for country India

Test Suite 2
Test case 1: Login with URL,CompanyID,Username and Password(Different Company)
Test case 2: Book an Appointment for a different date for country Srilanka

My questions are

1. Log in to QA Environment runs these two test suites
and then login into pre production environment and run these two test suites. How can i do this?

2. I want to login with one company id book an appointment for that country. However if I have variables list the test case it will login twice with different IDs

Where as I would like it for test suite 1 use CompanyID1 login and run the next test case as well with the given parameters

then test suite 2 with different company id and different parameters for different test cases

I hope I was clear with my queries.

PS: I am manual tester trying to learn automation as well as implement it using Katalon Studio…