Executing a SQL server job in the middle of a test case


I need to start a sql server job in the middle of the test case, what is the best way to achieve this. Flow of the test case is like below,

  1. Open a web application.
  2. Edit a field and save it.
  3. Log in to sql server and start a DB job.
  4. wait for it to finish successfully.
  5. Proceed with the test case.

Now I need help to achieve step 3. Please advise.

It seems that you want your Groovy code (Test Case) to connect to SQL server. Katalon Studio does not provide any special magic that let you do it easily. You need to develop your custom solution.

There are many articles how to write a Java code to connect SQL server, for example.

Just try it.

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Hi, this documentation might help:

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