Exception Error code -32000

Just started receiving these errors. Does anyone know what this is? Exception occurred: unknown error: unhandled inspector error: {“code”:-32000,“message”:“No node with given id found”}

I mean I know its an exception but that is of no help to me. This is how I am catching it ‘’‘} catch (Exception e) {
KeywordUtil.markFailed(‘Exception occurred: ’ + e.getMessage());
overallResult = false;

Doesn’t that shed some light on it?

Well breaking it down;

  1. Exception occurred: (Yes I know this now the question is what kind)
  2. unknown error: (System cannot determine error type? condition?)
  3. unhandled inspector error: (Who or what is the inspector?)
  4. {“code”:-32000,“message” (Just guessing that code-32000 is the word “Message”??)
  5. “No node with given id found”} (Not sure what node is or why it was looking for a node?)

So suffice to say no I am still lost. :frowning:

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Elements in the DOM tree are “nodes”. I just wondered if that might be the issue. What is the line of code that causes the try-catch to trigger?

Thank you for your help Russ. I think I got it figured out. I needed to refind all of the elements that I had located earlier, because the original was no longer present.