Excel Read and Write , Pass and Failed update

Hi, I am getting 2 error, would you like to help me out I have uploaded error screenshot on link , kindly check it out

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Please check the path to your file is correct as well as you have granted the permission (write and read) for the file

Please Reload Pluging from katalon studio and try again


Does your Excel file has a file name that ends with .xls ?
I think .xls is an endangered species.
I guess you have a file that encs with .xlsx.

It looks like you have a few spelling mistakes in your code. As an example,

  1. In the below, you misspell ‘workbook’ in the first line.

  2. In the below, you misspell your parameter variable, strTEST, in your println statement and in your code.

  3. In the below, you are adding “path” in front of an absolute pathway to your file, which if you print the whole pathway out, will take you to who knows where.

For #3, try and remove “path” from the pathway and see if that helps.