Every time the schedule task starts Testcase, a [userprofilexxxxxxcopy] folder is created

Windows7 64Bit
katalon 6.1.3
Firefox 67 64Bit

As the title suggests, every time the test task is launched in a scheduled task, a [userprofilexxxxxxcopy] folder is created.
From the time the folder was created, I assumed that it was caused by launching TestCase.
The contents of the folder are as attached file.
Please explain the reason why the folder is created, and the setting that you can not

??? Did you forget to attach the file?

I would suggest you take a screen shot of the Windows Explorer showing the created folder.

I’m sorry. forgot.

  1. You’re testing with Firefox.
  2. You are seeing the Firefox profile folder created by geckodriver (Firefox driver).

Thank you

A folder is created each time it is executed as shown in the figure.
The TestCase to execute is always the same.
The number of files in the folder is large, and virus check takes time.
Are there any settings that are automatically deleted or not created?


Sounds like a bug. Moving…

I closed this as it is inactive