[Event] Katalon Test(H)Ops is coming to Bangalore!

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Hi Community members, :wave:

We are excited to bring the Katalon Test(H)Ops event series to Bangalore this November!

Join Katalon and LambdaTest for an exclusive networking opportunity with our executives, valued partners & customers, and dedicated community members in Bangalore. Come together for an insightful meet-up and discussion on the world of software testing and the latest AI-driven features of the Katalon Platform.


Suzy Q, No.1, Express Building, Queens Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India

Event hosts

Gokul Sridharan Krishna Vivek Nair Diju
Gokul Sridharan - Senior Director of Global Solutions Engineering, Katalon, Inc. Krishna Subbiah - Head of Partner Sales, Katalon Inc. Vivek Nair - Director Channels and Alliances, LambdaTest Diju Chandran - Manager Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, LambdaTest
Gokul is the Senior Director of Global Solutions Engineering at Katalon & comes with a decade of industry experience. A lot of his experience is in DevOps and Testing. He is highly enthusiastic and a business leader who is passionate about the evolution of testing and automation. Krishna Subbiah leads global partner sales at Katalon, drawing upon more than 30 years of experience in aiding customers with their app development and testing requirements. He’s a committed researcher holding a doctoral degree in customer experience, where he applies consumer neuroscience theories to his endeavors. Bringing over 16 years of experience in cultivating strategic partner relationships across a wide range of industries, Vivek Nair stands out as a dynamic visionary leader. His professional journey encompasses innovative software firms with cutting-edge technologies like RPA, Software testing and Digital Adoption platforms. Currently he leads Strategic partnership with LambdaTest. Diju Chandran is instrumental in creating enduring value for organizations through a holistic approach to Customers, Markets, and Relationships. With a history of engaging with a diverse clientele, spanning from startups to enterprise-level corporations, Diju specialize in crafting tailored strategies that yield tangible and measurable outcomes. Boasting a proven track record of over a decade in Sales and Partnerships, his commitment is centered on propelling growth and cultivating strategic alliances. Positioned at the cutting edge of technological progress, Diju is fervently dedicated to integrating avant-garde solutions into strategic business models. Embracing the ethos of collaboration and continuous learning, he navigate the ever-evolving landscape of sales and partnerships with resilience and foresight.

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