Even if "Automatically check for new version" is unchecked - Check happens


Even if “Automatically check for new version” is disabled in Window>> Katalon Studio Preferences >> Katalon, it still checks for update on every startup. My understanding, if the this is unchecked, it should not automatically check for update.



@devalex88 - Can anyone from the team assist me resolving the issue? We don’t want our tester to click on the update link as it will raise a policy violation alert by our security system, being a bank. We want to update the software using remote deployment whenever new version is available. This issue is stopping us to release the software to tester . Please assist.


@huynguyen @Dung_Ngo Please take a look.

@Prabal_Biswas sorry for the late response - the development team will investigate and if there’s a bug here we will prioritize the fix ASAP.


@devalex88 Thank you very much for your prompt response. Much appreciated.


@Prabal_Biswas, Actually, this is a bug. We will fix this ASAP.


Thank you very much for the update. Much appreciated.