Errors while adding the libraries file into Katalon to connect the Cosmos DB using java codes

I am trying to write the java codes in Katalon to connect the Cosmos DB.
Code is written and library files also added successfully, but when trying to run the codes I am getting an error as "Building has encountered a problem ".

Invalid default: publicabstractjava.lang.Classorg.springframewKatalon (121.5 KB) ork.context.annotation.ComponentScan.nameGenerator().
when I restart the Katalon studio getting the below error and not able to access my existing Project, so manually I have to delete the” spring-boot-autoconfigure-2.4.5.jar” file from my local then only I am able to access my existing projects.
please help with it,

attached here complete details.

Your zip file contained a message “Invalid default: public abstract java.lang.Class”. Taking this as key, I made a search in Google and found the followiing URL:

It tells:

Errors about missing methods, or methods not being allowed where they are are typically caused by a mismatch of dependencies. So if you look at your pom you’ll see that you are using different versions of Cucumber. Additionally you are including transitive dependencies that you do not strictly need.


I guess, your code depends on the spring-boot-autoconfigure-2.4.5.jar, yes, but it is not enough. Possibly spring-boot-autoconfigure-2.4.5.jar depends on some other jars (could be a lot), which you haven’t imported into Katalon Studio. Therefore “Building has encountered problem” occurred.

How can you resolve external dependencies in Katalon Studio?

There are a few resources you can read.

Have a look at them and help yourself.


In the inital post you wrote descriptions in *.docx file by MS Word, zip it and attached it to this Forum. I found this way of posting is annoying for readers. It forces readers to undownload the zip file, un zip it, open it with Word. … a long, long way to go. I am afraid that they would be discouraged to follow your topic.

If you are going to make another post, please study how to write it in the Markdown syntax just other people do here.

A tutorial of Markdown is here

Thank you for your reply and solution.
Could you please tell me the which othres jar i have to imported to run my cosmos db access code

No. It’s you who should answer to the question.

I have already mentioned which resources you should study.

If you do not understand these, sorry to say but, you would not be able to use your favorite DB in Katalon Studio.