Error with Verify Image Present in Console Mode Execution

Hi all,

I have a test that uses Verify Image Present with an object using a relative path to the image I want to compare. This works fine executing the test with Katalon Studio.

However, Verify Image Present fails when executing the test in Console Mode, saying the image is not present.

Any idea why this is happening? Has somebody tried this with good results?

Thank you!


permission issue?

Why do you think that? the script is located within the project folder, and so the image. If I don’t have any permissions issue executing through Katalon Studio, why having them using the script?
Thanks for your suggestion.


this was only my suggestion what you can try as admin :slight_smile:

Hi @rhrueda

I think the absolute path may contain some characters that make it invalid. Can you move the project to somewhere more simple, such as C:\Users\download and execute the test from console again ?

Hi ThanhTo,

I have tried and still fails. I might not have moved the project properly (copy paste) because when I open it from that location, the configuration settings still reflects the old location.

Anyway, this is not critical at this moment of my project so I´ll pause this issue and I might come back to it later.

Thank you!


Okay. Just a note, you may need to open the project at the new location and generate the command line once again for all the paths to properly be reflected.

Cheers !

Thank you! I take into account!