Error when saving map type variable in a SOAP service request

I want to do a service request. My main prop is dictionary <string, string>. If an object is too long, application clears it instead of saving. Ok let’s reproduce this:

I add a new test case, then send request, then I add RequestDictionary variable in the type of “Map”, then populate this variable with some data

Then I save, and preview looks like this:

Works fine! But Let add one more pair into Map, save and look on preview:

Do You notice 3 dots in the end? Now I can edit this map and everything seems to be ok. But when I click ok, and then I return to it I get an empty variable:


  • groovy file is ok :

WS.sendRequest(findTestObject(‘SOAP/C_Call’, [(‘MethodName’) : ‘testMethod’, (‘RequestDictionary’) : [(‘personalNumber’) : ‘12345678909’ , (‘customerId’) : ‘234523’, (‘compaName’) : ‘ttest’, (‘applicationNumber’) : ‘NUW015515999’, (‘denailCodeId’) : ‘112’, (‘test’) : ‘test’]]))

  • when I run test request is incorrect:

sendRequest(findTestObject(“SOAP/C_Call”, [“MethodName”:“testMethod”, “RequestDictionary”:[“personalNumber”:“12345678909”, “customerId”:“234523”, “compaName”:“ttest”, “applicationNumber”:“NUW015515999”, “denailCodeId”:“112”, … ]]))

  • Katalon UI is obviously incorrect

Anyone know how to workaround?

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