Error browsing URL when Spy web on Firefox

Hi, I am getting an error, when I try to spy web on Firefox, the browser is open but it doesn’t enter the URL, I waited for a long time but no action. I alse tried on Chrome but not successful. Please see my screenshot

I used Katalon version 5.9.1 and Firefox 66.0.3 (64-bit)

Due to this issue, all most of Firefox extensions (including Katalon Recorder) are being disabled so you are currently not able to use Katalon Object Spy and Recorder on Firefox. Please come back until Mozilla releases the new Firefox version.


Thanks @duyluong : But it isn’t working in Chrome too. In Chrome, the Url only show: data:,

Hi @Bui_Chi_Tai.

To use Object Spy on Chrome, please update to KS latest version v6.1.3.


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Please upgrade your Firefox to 66.0.4 to resolve this issue

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Thanks @duyluong