Enable video recording by using command line options

Hello, so I’m trying to make video recording optional/toggleable by command line arguments. When we enable video recoerding, I saw that Katalon appends the following line to the contents of settings/internal/com.kms.katalon.execution.properties file:


So tried to make it into a command line argument with

katalonc -testSuitePath=.... -apiKey=******** --config -report.videoRecorderOption="{\enable\\:false,\useBrowserRecorder\\:true,\videoFormat\\:\AVI\,\videoQuality\\:\LOW\,\recordAllTestCases\\:false,\allowedRecordIfFailed\\:true,\allowedRecordIfPassed\\:false}" -runMode=console -reportFolder=Reports -projectPath=/katalon/katalon/project

but it doesn’t work. I also tried inserting the report.videoRecorderOption config above into console.properties and appending the -propertiesFile=/katalon/katalon/project/console.properties argument but it can’t work either.

Can someone help me how to enable video recording by command line arguments?

Hello, anyone there having the same issues?

Me too. I want to know how to toggle video recording by command line.
I want to record browser videos only in my CI environment (Katalon Runtime Engine).
Not record videos in Katalon Studio desktop.