Empty Name in TestOps executions dashboard whilst test runs

Apologies if this has been reported before (I searched but couldn’t find anything), but when a Test Suite or Test Suite Collection is running on the TestOps dashboard, the name is empty.

It would be really useful if we could see the name when running (we can see the test case names when we drill down, so I presume the Test Suite / Collection name could be populated too?

Also, the dashboard seems to stop auto-refreshing after a period of time.

We consider putting this request in our product backlog but it may take a while to see if there’s a rising demand on this feature.

@Thong thanks, although is this a feature?

Unless the dashboard was designed in a way to deliberately obscure the Test Suite / Collection name when running (and I can’t see why that would be the design), is this not then a defect?

Yes, this is a feature. The dashboard was design to monitor running testcases instead of TestSuite/Collection.