Email set up is not working in my client location desktop

Can someone help me solving this email set up scenario? I could able to follow the steps given in the Katalon documentation page and do the email configuration set up successfully on my local machine (Mean My personal laptop) and see the test email received from Katalon to my Gmail account. I need to send this email from my client laptop since my application run only on client location and I want to send some test email from my client laptop with this Katalon studio. In my client machine, there is a restriction for Gmail and Yahoo server access. I hope because of that the test email is getting failed and stating message as “Unable to send an email to following Please check configuration on your email server. Refer to this guide for more details

I turned off two step verification and secure low connection in respective account.

Is there any way to solve this. Please help me on this

I tried with Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook all three (None, SSL, and TSL) I am facing the same issue on my client system.

I appreciate your response on this.


Thank You.

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