Email Reports - Unable to download .zip "Failed - virus scan failed"

Katalon Studio on Windows 10/Google Chrome

Email goes through successfully, but when downloading attachment will get “Failed - virus scan failed”, and I cannot open the file. Tired turning on/off anti virus settings and various windows defender settings, but no luck yet.

What are the specific steps necessary to be complaint with Katalon’s attachments for Windows users? I really don’t want to have co workers having to edit their registry or going to deep in their security settings if possible.

The project lead and a few other workers need to view specific test cases with pass/fail via my email report, and here are my options as of now:

a) Allow them to download an attachment of detailed reports with names of Test Cases and pass/fail (currently not working for me)

b) Edit the Email Template to show the Test Case names (current only offers Test Suites)