Email notification ONLY on test failure thru Jenkins?

My plan is to have continuous or scheduled test execution thru Jenkins - but only want to get alert or email notifications when a test fail. Is that possible?

I don’t think so, not using Katalon-native utilities.

You clearly want to test/report the way I do. To me, a lengthy list of PASS,PASS,PASS,PASS, is just noise.

It’s for that very reason I wrote my own reporting system and used a 3rd party emailer.

Yes, is possible. But you have to master jenkins firts to achieve it

I really don’t think it’s a config in Jenkins… what makes you think you’d have to master Jenkins to do this? Unless you’ve done this yourself, I don’t know how much of that I can believe.

use postbuild scripts. if the build failed, grab the test report and send mail.

I’ll give that a shot. Might be a workaround to what I was trying to achieve.

It should work, i did that long time ago.
Well … in fact my setup was, in case of failure to send the email with one message, if passed, diferent text (and attach the link to the report which was uploaded to an apache server)
But same theory … Your jenkins should have an mail server configured in order to achieve it, for the rest you have to play with conditional post-build actions

I totally agree. Really don’t care about Pass Pass… most of the tests are expected to pass… it’s just noise. Would you be able to share how you set up your tests to only report fail?