Email - Not able to configure email please help

HI I am getting tried all configuration settings. created new gmail account. still not worked. please see error screenshot attached

email setting error.JPG

Have you followed additional setup on this page?

Hi mahesh joshi,
In that case, I think you should turn off using two-step authentication on your email servers.
More information on that link, hope it useful for you.

Hi , Two step authentication is turned off please see screenshot attached

2 step verification off.JPG

First, in Katalon Studio, you need to set PROTOCOL from SSL to TLS.

After that go to your Gmail and check this:

go to MY ACCOUNT => Sign-in & security => Signing in to Google => Allow less secure apps and check if it is set to OFF. You need to set it to ON


Hi, I have made allow secure app is on still not working please help tried with yahoo account as well

allow less secure app is ON.JPG

Hey…! Anyone found a solution or workaround for this…!

Hi ,

Couldn’t access the above link. Can u please check and give the workable ???


Awaiting for your speedy reply.

Many thanks in advance.
puneeth chidura

not yet ,i am also stuck with the same issue from a very long time but still didn’t get a concrete solution for it yet. I have enabled “Allow less secure apps” AND “Two Step Authentication” is also OFF for my gmail account.
please do let me know if you have figured out any thing which can solve it.

Also Along with the above can u please let me know how do i Switch on “ALLOW LESS SECURE APPS” for outlook. i would like to have my organisation outlook id as the sender for all the emails i receive from katalon. i tried searching for “ALLOW LESS SECURE APPS” on outlook portal but couldn’t find any.

Many thanks well in advance and awaiting for a possible earliest response.

puneeth chidura.