Email is not sending Attachments with Execution Summary

For Version: 6.3.3 , Attachments are not being sent and only summary report is generated and sent. We’ve already selected required attachment type in settings and Email settings are as follows:

Also Execution Summary Files are not even appearing in the Reports Section of Katalon.

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i have the same problem… any suggestion?

I also have the same issue.

I am also facing same issue. Kindly provide any resolution or workaround.

Still happens in 7.6.2 no matter if executed via studio nore runtime engine.

Any ideas, settings are written to

mailConfig.reportFormat="[\\n  \\"HTML\\",\\n  \\"LOG\\",\\n  \\"PDF\\",\\n  \\"CSV\\"\\n]"

But the report comes just with the log attachement, html, pdf and csv are missing.

Edit: Just after installed the plugin, the files were generated. Seems i missed something in the docs.

1 - Katalon Studio allows users to receive summary reports via Email after Test Suites execution. You can access this setting at Project > Settings > Email.

2 - You can execute automation test without launching Katalon Studio by using command line mode execution, you could use Jenkins to run a command line script.

How to setup the integration with Jenkins

3 - Katalon Studio supports the ability to capture test execution via video format.

After creating a test suite in Katalon Studio, select Project > Settings to open project Settings dialog box. Navigate to Report section