Element not interactable when trying to click on element in modal window

I have a modal window that when I try and send text to an input or a click to a button i get the ElementNotInteractableException error. I have tried the solutions for waiting, focusing on the text and buttons, and directly using JavaScript, but none have worked. There is an invisible div in front of the modal window and i believe that may be the issue, but i do not know how to account for this. Any insight would be helpful, thank you.

I think we will need quite a bit more information (error logs and the HTML of the modal window, to be specific). But what I can say for now is that JavaScript is going to be the way to go. Using JS, you can click on any element, regardless of whether there’s an invisible div blocking the rest of the window. Another thing to consider is whether you’re dealing with iframes, which is often the case with modals.

What i know you will need to click on the modal first and then do whatever action you need to do on it.
For example if you want to add a text in a text field in a modal, you will have to click on a modal first and then set the text.
Thats how i handled modal for my scenario