Effective way to deliver automation script developed using katalon studio to client?

We have so many clients for whom we are doing website automation using Katalon studio. We automate their daily task to save their time and resource.

Every client demands that they should able to run scripts from their system. Please suggest best possible ways in which we can deliver the developed scripts so that they can execute it from their system.


i would go with GIT
use git repository to store and distribute scripts to customers - this way they can have any version thay like - head for early beta tests, labeled one for released versions
only drawback is probably knowledge of 2 git commands (pull and checkout or prepared scripts)

Thank you Andrej Podhajský for the suggestion, just wanted to know is there any other way by which client can access script and run it.

If the client has Katalon studio installed, you can copy and share a project folder with them, or if you want, just separate test cases you made.

Thanks Andrew.

Yes I have given them both the options GIT and sharing zipped project folder.