Edge Chromium default download directory


For one of my Web UI test cases I have a requirement to click to download a file and I would like to have this downloaded to a particular folder.

I have followed the various guidance on the forum to add a ‘download.default_directory’ prefs value to the driver files and when testing with Chrome the file is downloaded to the correct folder; however this is not the case when using Edge Chromium and the file continues to be downloaded to the default ‘my downloads’ folder.

Can anyone advise how this should be configured for Edge Chromium? Below is what I have configured within the ‘settings\internal\com.kms.katalon.core.webui.edge chromium.properties’ file.




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Is anyone able to help with this?

Hi @Daniel_Wilkinson,

For Edge Chromium, the desired capabilities should be:

  "ms:edgeChrominum": true,
  "ms:edgeOptions": {
    "prefs": {
      "download.default_directory": "Download folder",
      "download.directory_upgrade": true,
      "download.prompt_for_download": false,
      "plugins.always_open_pdf_externally": true,
      "profile.default_content_settings.popups": "0",
      "profile.content_settings.exceptions.automatic_downloads.*.setting": "1"
    "args": [
    "useAutomationExtension": "false"

Sample project: https://github.com/duyluonganh/kat-download-file

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@duyluong Thanks, this has resolved the issue.

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I actualy encounter the same issue with Edge chromium based webdriver and Selenium 4 python.
Can you please specify where is your configuration folder ‘settings\internal\com.kms.katalon.core.webui.edge chromium.properties’ please ?
I don’t find it in my webdriver installation directory (just have an .exe file), where’s the ‘settings’ folder in the installation please ?

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Hi @idwes.sough,
The ‘settings’ folder is located within the directory where your project file is located, the location as shown on the Katalon title bar should detail this: