Easy way to have a number pulled in, and iterated upon, and then saved for next?

For example I am using Katalon’s internal data option and i have rows of data set, in this case I can use a single column / row that has a number 1000.

When the program is run at a certain point i’d want it to use that 1000 then add 1 to it, and continue. Once it’s done with all the iterations, i want whatever that 1000 value is at then (say it’s iterated 5 times so it’s 1005) i want it to save 1005 to the data for the next time i run it.

This way the next time i run it the first time it hits that field it will enter 1005 and add 1 to it, so it’s never the same and always increasing.

I don’t really have example code as I could not find anything on putting data into katalons data, only csv and those all required selenium stuff / java libs.

Thanks for any tips advice, links work too!