Dynamic variables/functions

Yep, I get that. Looks like I’ve got the same issue that is being faced at [WebUI] Close Window Index … the issue is that after switching back to windowindex(0) from windowindex(1), I haven’t actually got focus. I can’t refresh it, run getWindowIndex or anything else. Will see what else I can do to re-detect it.

Sorted :slight_smile:
I found that if I switched back to windowindex0 but didn’t close windowindex1, I had focus and could do what I needed. The page I’m interacting with always re-uses windowindex1, so I’ve not got any problems with having to handle additional windows.
Cheers all in the help. Pseudo code defo helped!


@ash.green don’t take it wrong but in qa world there is a saying:
sometime the error is between the chair and the keyboard

Glad to hear you sorted it!